sadie hawkins day

Sadie Hawkins Day

Big Nate is about to get into trouble, I think. (And me, too, if I’m not careful!) A middle school Sadie Hawkins Day dance! What could go wrong?

Well, all of Nate’s sixth grade friends have paired up to go to the dance, the girls asking the boys in Sadie Hawkins fashion … except Nate. And along comes Kim – the one girl in the sixth grade with whom Nate prefers not to attend the dance. What should he do?

First, he lies. Not good! 😦 What will happen?

Kim ignores Nate’s protests and comes to take him to the dance. I’m interested in the role of Nate’s dad here, being a dad myself, I suppose. Notice how he is portrayed. 

Several strips later they are at the dance, and Nate has not been able to tell Kim that he does not want to go with her. Finally, Kim meets someone else and leaves Nate relieved but not so sure about it, trying to make some sense of it all in a conversation with the DJ.

What are the ways in which we are attracted to others? How do children learn about love and marriage? How and what do and should we teach them? Is it all by expecting them to observe it in our behavior or do we talk about it purposely? To what degree do we trust important things to outsiders or other kids?

I’ve suggested a few Bible texts below with links.

Pastor Bob

Bible References and Links

Genesis 1:27-28a

Genesis 2:21-25 

I Corinthians 13:11 

Ecclesiastes 4:4-7

Romans 12:2-5